"Blown Away by Startup Grind"

The Atlantic

June 14th, 2017 - London

Central Hall Westminster | London


Watch Live Startup GRIND Global Conference






"Blown Away by Startup Grind"

The Atlantic

June 14th, 2017 - London

Central Hall Westminster | London


Watch Live Startup GRIND Global Conference



Nous organisons un événement qui est conçu pour éduquer, inspirer et connecter les entrepreneurs. Il est organisé par Applicationuniversity et ses partenaires. L'événement aura lieu en Tunisie et se propose d’accueillir des entrepreneurs, des innovateurs, des éducateurs et des investisseurs locaux afin de partager des histoires et des leçons de réussite personnelles dans l’écosystème des startups et de l’entrepreneuriat en Tunisie .




  • Les créateurs de Startups développent leurs connaissances afin de  réussir leurs entreprises.

  • Les créateurs de Startups recueillent des fonds auprès d’investisseurs des USA et de la région MENA pour les aider à se développer.

  • Les créateurs de Startups s'inspirent de l'expérience réussie de leurs homologue dans Silicon Valley .

  • Les créateurs de Startups développent leurs réseaux en interagissons avec d'autres entrepreneurs locaux.

  • Les créateurs de Startups présentent leurs projets devant les investisseurs.

  • Le gagnant dans le challenge de Startup MENA s'envolera aux États-Unis et aura l’opportunité de présenter son projet devant  d’autres investisseurs Américains.

  • Le gagnant dans le challenge de Startup MENA sera formé par Nizar Ayadi et Vitaly Columb afin de bien le préparer à présenter son Pitch Deck aux États-Unis.


Participants bien sélectionnés:

Ø  Des speakers des USA

Ø  Des Investisseurs Tunisiens

Ø  Des organisateurs d'événements

Ø  Des créateurs de Startups Tunisiens

Ø  Des étudiants universitaires .




  • Unité: Nous croyons que la réussite dans le monde de l'entrepreneuriat commence par le fait de se créer des amis, de vrais alliés et non pas uniquement de simples contacts.

  • Partage: Nous croyons dans l’acte de donner et non pas uniquement de prendre.

  • Respect : Nous croyons qu’il est indispensable de soutenir et d’aider autrui pour se développer.

  • Passion: Nous sommes vraiment ravis d’aider les créateurs de startups, les entrepreneurs et les innovateurs et les mettre sur la voie de la réussite.



Stade Olympique El Menzah is a multi-purpose stadium, located in the north of Tunis, Tunisia. Built in 1967, it has a maximum seating capacity of 39,858.


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our event speakers

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our event speakers

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Meet Silicon Valley’s top investors, developers, journalists, and entrepreneurs for over two days of workshops, talks, intimate meetings, and parties.






On February 15th, 2017, AmCham Tunisia inaugurated its third Chapter in Sousse “the AmCham Chapter for the Center”, and the Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The inauguration was marked by the presence of H.E Daniel Rubinstein, US Ambassador to Tunisia, AmCham Tunisia Board Members , Members of the Tunisian Assembly of the Representatives of the People (parliament), and business community from the region.


                                                                                                              STARTUP Court


Entry Deadline: March/2/2018

Description: IT’S  STARTUP Pitch is an exciting and interactive pitch competition taking place at Startup MENA Event. Pitch your business, convince our expert judges of its value, and impress the crowd in 2 minutes, and you will have the chance to win a trip to the USA, incubation space, and mentorship.

Judging Criteria: We’re looking for creative, cutting-edge projects driven by conscientious and dedicated individuals. Do you have an original idea that can improve the way we live, work and play? Have you developed an application or technology that will address everyday problems or social needs? Does your project connect people and networks, ultimately enabling us to live better lives? Categories include mobile apps, wearables, social innovation, gaming, interactive or other digital design initiatives.

Eligibility: Project entries or ideas must be the original work of the applicant(s) .

Awards & Prizes: Up to $10.000 of direct value and Possible Investments from Silicon Valley Investors.A trip to the USA ( Spend one week pitching your startup front of respected Investors) .

                      CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE DETAILS


Space is limited and this summit will be at capacity. For further information or questions, please contact us at

Cancellation & Refund Policy: All pass sales are final. No refunds or returns. Passes are non-transferable.

Disclaimer: We reserves the right to cancel any purchased pass at any time. Registered attendees must be accredited investors , startup Founders and relevant in the venture capital sector. We  reserves the right to use our best judgement on behalf of the other attendees. In order to ensure quality networking at this private event, we asks that you do not solicit other attendees at Startup MENA. By registering for a pass, you agree to allow us to store your email address and send you occasional updates on future events and related news. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, sexual orientation or disability in any of our activities.




When and where is Tunisia Next year Conference ?

Programming runs from 8 AM to 10 PM Two days (March 24 th and 25 th 2018).

We’ll be hosting an after party that will go until 10:00 PM.

The event takes place at  El Menzah Stadium .

What does my ticket get me ?

You’ll have all-access to  full day of speaker sessions and networking . Your ticket does not includes coffee, lunch, snacks, and drinks throughout the day.The venue have restaurants around you can have discounted lunch price. It also admits you into the Startup Grind afterparty and parties throughout. For our best deal, get the VIP ticket and bring a friend!


Can startups exhibit?

If your business has raised less than $3MM and has fewer than 20 employees, you’re eligible to apply for the 2017 Startup Program. If selected, you’ll have the chance the exhibit your company during the conference, be exposed to our network of  investors, and enjoy perks like media opportunities and startup service discounts.

The Startup Program is simple and transparent: if chosen, your startup receives 4-full day tickets.

Where should I stay during the conference?

Africa hotel provide discounted lodging. Plan ahead and contact the hotel for lodging if you decided to spend the night at the hotel.

Where should I park during the conference?

Sign will be at the gate. Parking is free for attendee.

Is there any public transportation available to and from the event location?

Absolutely. Connect and Esprit provide transportations.Email if you need transportation. 

For bikers and rail commuters, thanks for doing your part to save the rainforests!

Will I be able to enter the event anytime?

Absolutely! You can enter and exit the event at your leisure so long as you are carrying your Startup Grind  ticket.

But do us a favor: do not remove, tamper, or attempt to transfer your ticket to another visitor, or we may have to refuse your entry.

Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at the event?

Thanks for offering your time! We usually receive many applications for just a limited number of volunteer spots, but if you have the right skill set to be an awesome volunteer please fill out this form.

Do you have any discounts for students, nonprofits, or broke founders?

The entrepreneur’s journey can be a winding one, so we often collaborate with partner companies to sponsor the tickets of a handful of applicants. To find out if you’re eligible, tell us about what you’re working on and why you should receive a sponsorship at this email.

I’m part of the media. How do I request a press pass?

If you’re a journalist reporting for a major media outlet or a private blogger with a considerable audience, we’d be happy to have you join as our guest.

Please email us with your name, the name of the outlet for which you’ll report, a link to the site where your articles are published, and the monthly recurring visitors to the media property (if known).

Please note that speaker access is reserved to select media personnel on advance request and is not open to most press pass holders.

Will I meet investors or speakers if I attend the conference?

Though speakers like Vitaly , Tarek ....... spent over an hour with the audience, most speakers are busy founders and Investors who do us the great favor of sharing their time pro-bono exactly because they know we won’t demand much of it. All speakers are encouraged to meet attendees, walk the floor, and enjoy the conference — but we make no guarantees.

There will, however, be investors among the audience — many who’d love to meet you. There was over $1.5 million offered to founders by investors they met during the two days of the event at our Global Conference, some who randomly bumped into one another.

Our secret to spotting & connecting with VIPs: say hello to those people who seem relaxed and sit back during networking breaks, as many of them will be those whose networks are already incredible. If they don’t invest, it’s likely they know those who do — so make friends instead of pitching hard.

Want to be matched with investors? Apply to our Startup Program.

Is there a Dress Code for this event?

Yes: comfortable. Expect some people to feel most comfortable dressed in formal business attire – it can be a nice confidence booster. Also expect to mingle with a Silicon Valley crowd that’s most comfortable in casual streetwear, maybe accented with a company hoodie.

Keep in mind the amazing people you’ll be meeting at this conference, and dress to impress and connect with them. However you style yourself, make sure it’s respectful of the beautiful venue and other guests attending the event.

Can I pass out flyers at the event?

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we ask our guests to stick to business cards at most. Flyers tend to take time and focus away from the conference experience, so nail your pitch instead.

The only exception is paid sponsors, who also receive a booth and other perks at the event. Learn more about sponsorships here if you’d like to reach the Startup Grind audience. We’d love to work together.


Any other questions? Email or tweet @startupgrind on twitter.